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The United Nations

  • They promote peace and security,  protect human rights and aim to eradicate challenges such as AIDS, which in their safeguard, both the rate of infection and death has decreased significantly ever since 1995. (Infect rate: reduced 59%, detach rate: reduced 69%) 


promoting sustain-able development since the 1980s

  • The UN aims to promote a better future, they realized the problem of discrimination and the lack of human rights among certain races. After the Second World War, the countries understood that war is not beneficial and the sheer numbers of deaths made leaders of nations come to a conclusion that peace is a significant factor contributing to a better world. 

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Importance of the United Nations in enhancing the well-being of humanity

The well being of humanity needs to be enhanced so that we can build a better future on a stable society. United Nations often help with the development of countries such as Africa by educating the locals on diverse topics that eradicates inequality, life skills that assist with daily lives, including teaching them skills of boiling water to kill bacteria, etc.


official United Nations site:

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